The Community Service Scholarship was created in memory of the many NVSL swimmers, divers and volunteers. This scholarship was named for George MacDuff and his daughter, Melinda. George served for many years as the League's Records Chairman.

1991 Cara Garvey FP 1992 Brian Craft BF
1993 Christina Hagopian IC 1994 Jennie Stallings THA
1995 Brian Gaffney OAK 1996 Valerie Ann Stasik S
1997 Stephen LaGarde S 1998 Dana Lea Nelson THA
1999 Mary Catherine Manning FS 1999 Stephen Krebs THA
2000 Susan Kasimer A 2000 Andrew Velarde LE
2001 Katherine Payne Reid KG 2001 Greg Landrum SRA
2002 Elizabeth Ann Wasilewski O 2002 Jennifer L. Piantedosi PC
2003 James F. "Shea" Manning FS 2003 Elizabeth McConville WC
2004 Katie Guida RG 2004 Christina Sweeder NS
2005 Stephannie McKinney NS 2005 Christine Nelson CH
2006 Brian Fletcher R 2006 Molly Turner MVP
2007 Mara Bealy G 2007 Caroline Manning FS
2008 Katie Nelson CH 2009 Andrew Frank CCC
2010 Chloe Grishaw SHB 2011 Kelly Corish DL
2012 Katherine Van Winkle DL 2013 Nicki Powell OAK
2014 Elizabeth "Georgie" Jones SHB 2015 Clare Kehoe  CH 
2016 Sandy Kendall HRA 2017  Aidan Jones  SHB 
2018 Mia Oppler WG/RH 2019 Leah Horan


The Presidents' Scholarship was named to honor all those volunteers who have served the youth of Northern Virginia and in particular those who have served as President of the NVSL.

1994 Brian Rosman HP/MHC 1995 Linda Popels DH
1996 John Kowalski O 1997 Marianne Koszorus T
1998 David Dansereau LB 1999 Christopher Williams PV
2000 Margeret Chadbourn HM/LHP 2001 Jiffy Bennett RG
2002 Aaron Daniel Bergman M 2003 Parker Ramsdell OAK
2004 Benjamin Zisk OAK 2005 Justin Anderson FME
2006 Peter Krawczyk DL 2007 Katherine Lesniewski LRR
2008 Michael Piantedosi PC 2009 Shannon Yi FX
2010 Alexander Howe HRA 2011 Beverly Dobrenz LE
2012 Sarah Plombon VW 2013 Sarah Bergen R
2014 Rachel Anderson LRR 2015 Allison Davis  FX
2016 Kirsten Chase BKS 2017 Evan Chase  BKS 
2018 Hannah Karlin O 2019 Troy Young 


The Spirit Scholarship was created in memory of athlete Olivia Aull to recognize spirited swimmers and divers from within the NVSL family.

2008 Nicole Shafer OAK 2009 Jillian Brown HTM
2010 Natalie Leake LG 2011 Julia Choudhury LE
2012 Shannon Smith WC 2013 Alexander Place O
2014 Jack Capra LE 2015 Erin Murphy H
2016 Maureen Duesterhaus G 2017 Eleanor Ridgeway
2018 Ian Peverall HM 2019 Kate Billingsley  PL 


The Swim Ninja Scholarship was totally funded by Swim Ninja, LLC and was awarded for only four years (2010-2013). It was given to NVSL swimmers who served the community both in and out of the water.

2010 Stephen Sharer OAK 2011 Christopher "CJ" Fiala SS
2012 Meghan O'Neill CCC 2013 Jennifer Jessen A


The Sportsmanship Scholarship was created in 2014 and named to honor Joan Olson who served as a Director of the NVSL and Chair of the Swimming Seeding Committe for many years. She was also a passionate advocate for sportsmanship throughout the league.

2014 Cathryn Kost PV 2015 Anise Muir HF
2016 Ashley Weldon FS 2017 Natalie Hohman HM
2018 Hannah Rollins LG 2019 Cara Patrick  LRR


The Excellence in Technique Scholarship, created in 2017, is funded by a grant from Mr. Lou Sharp's estate. Lou Sharp was a strong supporter of the NVSL through the Competition Swim Clinics he founded. Under Lou's guidance, generations of swimmers learned stroke technique and a love for the sport of swimming.

      2017 Abigail Tisler FCE
2018 Martin Salamone 2019 Alexus Chua FO