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  • All Star Relays TOMORROW

    Tue, 7-17-2018 | Kelly Parry

    Are you ready for the League's biggest meet of the year?!!!

    Sixty-six of the one hundred and two teams will have relays competeing in tomorrows All Star Relays.  Will more team and league records fall?  Will the athletes have the fasted 'leg' they ever swum?  Will they make memories with friends that will last forever?   Answers: YES, YES, and YES !!!

    With an expected crowd of about 4500 people - be prepared for the meet by reviewing the Public Guide for 2018 ASR.

  • Dedication 'In the Woods'

    Sun, 7-15-2018 | Vienna Woods

    Ben and Andrew Denman-Grimm are stand-out 14 year old twins who had quite a day with their teammates on Saturday at Vienna Woods.  Ben's and Andrew's parent's are currently stationed in Switzerland for a two-year tour of duty.  The Denman-Grimms are long time members of Vienna Woods.  Ben and Andrew, who have been members of the swim team since being 8 and unders, love swimming "In the Woods" so much that they elected to stay in America with friends during the summer swim season.  Wow! Did their dedication pay off.  Ben broke a 9 year old record in the 50 free by going 25.40 and Ben, Andrew, Jack Peterson and Joshua Huang broke a 22 year old 13/14 Medley Relay record by going 56.06.  This smashed the previous mark by 0.88 seconds!  Great swimming boys!

  • Big Day at Kent Gardens

    Sat, 7-14-2018 | Paul Parry

    At one of only two remaining yard pools in the NVSL today, spectators at Kent Gardens were able to see not one but three league records set.  Elise Mozeleski of Sully Station started the party by taking down Marshie Smith's 2000 backstroke record of 27.84, touching the wall in 27.34.  In the very next event, the Boys' 8&Under Breaststroke, Kent Gardens' newcomer Andy Li earned his second NVSL record, destroying the old time held by both Steve Scannell (Fairfax, 1974) and Joey Spagnoli (Dowden Terrace, 1978), 17.37 vs. 19.10.  Later, in the Girls' 9-10 Butterfly, both Katherine McArther (Sully Station) and Sophie Fredericks (Kent Gardens) outswam Kendall Vess's (CCH, 2016) 14.29.  In a classic race, Sophie out-touched Katherine, 13.98 to 14.16.

    At Holmes Run Acres, the other NVSL yard pool, Elizabeth Bryan of Ilda swam 36.81 in the 9-10 Girls Breaststroke, besting Alison Queens' 2005 mark of 36.96.

    There was also some record-breaking action in the meter pools of Hamlet and Fox Mill Woods.  Hamlet's mixed-age boys (Ryan Bradshaw, Alex Andrews, Johnny Bradshaw, and David DiMeglio) took down Fairfax's 2014 record of 1:49.74, touching in 1:49.40. Finally, Fox Mill Woods' Jaya Kambhampaty, Tommy Hallock, Daniel Gyenis, and Noah Desmand swam the 15-18 Boys Medley relay in 1:45.01, obliterating Tuckahoe's 1:46.02 set just last year.

  • New League Records ... and they're REALLY fast

    Fri, 7-13-2018 | Paul Parry

    Near-perfect weather across the county on Wednesday set the stage for hundreds of team records and a half dozen ultra-fast swims.  Four League "Relay Carnival Records" were broken and by swim standards - they were smashed!  The outstanding swims came in the following events:

    • Mixed Age Boys Relay
      • Ryan Bradshaw, Alex Andrews, Johnny Bradshaw, and David DiMeglio of Hamlet finished with a time of 1:50.08 surpassing the previous 2016 record which was also held by Hamlet.  
    • Boys 15-18 Medley Relay
      • The Fox Mill Woods team of Jaya Kambhampaty, Tommy Hallock, Daniel Gyenis, and Noah Desmand pummeled their own record that they set just last year.  The new record time is 1:44.79 which disappointed Overlee's team (1:45.89) and Chesterbrook's team (1:45.93) who also swam faster than the old record of 1:46.96.
      • The matchup between these three teams will be one to watch at All Star Relays!
    • Girls 13-14 Freestyle Relay
      • Alexis Lee, Emmie Ridgeway, Elyse Hartmann, and Kate Bailey of Overlee finished in 1:53.00, crushing the old record of 1:54.63 set in 2017 by McLean.
    • Boys 15-18 Freestyle Relay
      • To add to their stellar night of swimming, the FMW team did it again.  Jaya Kambhampaty, Daniel Gyenis, Noah Desman and Tommy Hallock beat their own 2017 mark of 1:35.80 with a new record swim of a smoldering 1:34.94. 

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