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  • Sportsmanship Awards

    Mon, 8-6-2018 | Kelly Parry

    The award is presented annually to one team in each division that best exemplifies the principles of good sportsmanship as embodied in the NVSL Standards of Conduct.  The divisions' teams vote for the award with each team casting three ballots: one vote from the Team Representative, a second from coaches, and a third based on a vote of the 13 & over team members.   NVSL Division Sporstmanship Awards were awarded at all Divisionals meets.  The teams receiving this award are the following:

             1 -- Langley             2 -- Vienna Aquatic Club    3 -- Mount Vernon Park    4 -- Virginia Run
             5 -- Pinecrest           6 -- Mantua                     7 -- Mosby Woods            8 -- Cottontail
             9 -- Mansion House  10 -- Great Falls              11 -- South Run               12 -- Shouse Village
            13 -- Springboard     14 -- Woodley                 15 -- Hollin Hills               16 -- Broyhill Crest
            17 -- Pinewood Lake

    Congratulations to our 2018 Sportsmanship Award recipients!

  • Stars Align for Three Virgos at Little Rocky Run

    Sun, 8-5-2018 | Paul Parry

    At a muggy and damp Little Rocky Run yesterday, amid the crowd and under the gaze of the immortal Bob York, three All Stars reached record holder status.

    In the 11-12 Freestyle, Michael Mullen of Old Keene Mill stunned the crowd in an upset over the current record-holder, Donovan Kovalsky, finishing with a blazing kick and touching in 26.18.  Donovan had just lowered the mark to 26.20 the week before.

    Then in the 13-14 Girls Back, Hunter Mill’s Alexandra Dicks tied 18-time All American Janet Hu’s 29.75.  Janet’s record was set in 2010 while she was at Mosby Woods.

    The last record was set in the Boys 9-10 Breast, when Brandon Lesser of Daventry lowered his own mark of 37.28, touching in 37.26.

  • Records Tumble on Divisional Saturday

    Sat, 7-28-2018 | Paul Parry

    Across the county today, swimmers took advantage of the pleasant weather to set seven new NVSL records.

    At the Division 3 meet at Hunt Valley, Donovan Kovalsky of Mount Vernon Park took down Cyrus Hashemi's 11 year old 11-12 Free record of 26.44, hitting the wall in 26.20.

    The 8-year-old phenom Andy Li of Kent Gardens went two-for-two at the Division 7 meet hosted by Mosby Woods, setting new marks in both the Breaststroke (19.35) and the Butterfly (16.21).  The previous Breast record was held by Blake Masden (19.77 in 2016) and Andy had the previous fly record of 16.37.

    Brandon Lesser of Daventry tied Charlie Greenwood's 37.28 in the Boys 9-10 Breaststroke, exciting the Division 16 crowd at Broyhill Crest.  Charlie set his record at All Stars last year.

    At the Division 1 meet at Tuckahoe, Catherine Hughes broke her own 11-12 Breast record, besting her record of 34.63 with a 34.40.  Also breaking a record at that meet was Tuckahoe's Nolan Dunkel in the 11-12 Fly.  He outswam Max Cruz's 28.53, going 28.47.

    Rutherford's Aiken Do took down Anthony Grimm's one year-old 13-14 Breast record of 30.63 by touching in 30.41.  He did it at the Division 8 meet at Waynewood.

       Donovan Kovalsky of MVP                  Nolan Dunkel & Catherine Hughes of Tuckahoe

  • All Stars Shine at Lincolnia Park

    Thu, 7-19-2018 | Paul Parry

    In the bright July sunlight yesterday, NVSL scholarship winners, swimmers and spectators reveled at the All Star Relays at Lincolnia Park.  The host pool provided a welcoming environment for an estimated 4,000 people. 

    On the deck just before the meet, NVSL athletes Hannah Karlin (Overlee), Mia Oppler (Walden Glen and Rolling Hills), Ian Peverall (Hollin Meadows), Hannah Rollins (Lee Graham) and Martin Salamone (Village West) were presented with the league's 2018 scholarships.  Those 5 were selected from 52 applications!

    On the grass, dozens of colorful team and vendor canopies created a fun environment for everyone, including live video streaming on a big screen.  A Channel 7 News crew roamed the area.

    And in the water, three league records were broken, starting with the first two events.  In the Girls Mixed Age 200m Freestyle Relay, the Cardinal Hill team of Courtney Watts, Emma Watts, Maggie Shi, and Brynn Curtiswith excited the crowd with a 1:54.89, besting the old record of 1:55.09, set by Highlands Swim in 2016.  Then in the Boys Mixed Age Free, the Hamlet team of Ryan Bradshaw, Alex Andrews, Johnny Bradshaw, and David DiMeglio destroyed their own record of 1:50.08 set just the week before, touching in 1:48.76.  And in the Boys 15-18 200m Medley, Jaya Kambhammpaty, Tommy Hallock, Daniel Gyenis, and Noah Desman of Fox Mill Woods swam just under their own record of 1:44.79 (also set last week), hitting the wall in 1:44.67.

    The NVSL would like to thank the multitude of marshals, timers, RTOs, awards folks, clerks of course, stroke & turn judges, starters, referees, and of course, our spirited announcer Bob York for spending four hours on the deck making this meet possible.  The league would also like to give a special thanks to the Lincolnia Park volunteers for all their prep work and dawn-to-dusk support yesterday. 

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