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  • 2024 Divisional Seeding

    Sun, 3-3-2024 | On behalf of the NVSL Seeding Committee

  • NVSL Seeding Meeting on Sunday, 2024 Summer Kicking Off!

    Fri, 3-1-2024 | On behalf of the NVSL Executive Board

    Team Reps,

    We are looking forward to seeing you at Key Middle School on Sunday, March 3 for the NVSL's Annual Seeding Meeting. Your role is critically important to the League and your team's families, so thanks for offering your time to ensure that the season runs smoothly. Team Reps are the engine that makes the NVSL go!

    The Seeding Meeting is a great opportunity to kick-off the 2024 season with loads of information for you and your teams, to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the vendors that support our League and teams (suits, spirit wear, pictures, awards, team software, etc.), and hear the latest about all aspects of the NVSL as we prep for another great summer of fun competition.  

    The meeting starts at 2p, with the League's annual "business" meeting that includes committee reports, rule change proposal voting, and other important updates from League officials. The meeting is capped off with the team seeding announcement. After the seeding has been revealed, we will break into our new divisions so that each Team Rep can meet with their Division Coordinator and receive the division schedule for the 2024 season which has been assembled based on the feedback from the survey recently completed by the Team Reps.

    IMPORTANT: Ahead of the meeting, we will hold our New Team Rep Meeting at 12p. It is important for all new Team Reps to attend this meeting as we address the steps that help ensure a smooth season, answer your questions, and provide advice. We have an unusually high number of new Team Reps this season, and this meeting will help provide insight on how the League works and how you can best support your teams.  

    The New Team Rep training presentation we will use and other helpful reference info was emailed this morning (Thursday). Plan to stop by the registration desk as you arrive to pick up your Team folder, which we will use during the New Team Rep meeting and the full business meeting at 2p.

    At 1pm, after the New Team Rep training session, you are encouraged to walk around and speak with the vendors to ask questions, place orders, get ideas, etc. Vendors in attendance all help sponsor the League, so please consider working with these businesses.

    RULES PROPOSALS: In order for our Teams to be aware of the Rule proposals in advance, please CLICK HERE to find a document with the proposals. At the meeting, we will go through each rule proposal by having the person proposing the rule change give a max 3-minute description/rationale for the proposal after which we will open the floor for questions from the Team Reps. After the discussion on each proposal, each team (one vote per team) will have the opportunity to vote for, against, or abstain on each proposal. Given the more administrative nature of this year's Rules Proposals, we plan to conduct a voice vote. Please take the time ahead of the meeting to review the proposals.   

    Excitement for the summer season is building! See you soon!

    Best regards,


    Chris Campbell


  • The NVSL 2023 Season is in the books!

    Wed, 9-13-2023 | On behalf of the NVSL Executive Board

    As we head into Fall with the memories of an exciting summer of NVSL Swim and Dive, we want to thank everyone for the hours of dedicated service to our League that help create those memories for over 17,000 young athletes across Northern Virginia. Summer swim in the NVSL has a special "it" factor, and offers so much to our athletes and their families, coaches, and volunteers. For all of us that have been involved in the NVSL for many years, and for the new families just figuring what the joyful chaos of summer swim is, the fun and competition from May to August each year keep us coming back!

    Special thanks to our League's Committee Chairpersons, Division Coordinators, Officials, and Board members, without whom the meets would not run so smoothly. This group works hard all year to ensure that the League's planning and events are top-notch. This year was no exception!

    We appreciate our 2023 All-Star hosts, Hamlet and Orange Hunt, for their commitment to these special meets, and look forward to finding our new hosts for the 2024 season. If your team is asked to host a Relay Carnival or Divisionals in 2024, please consider saying "yes"! The meet calendar for the 2024 season is posted on mynvsl.com.

    The League will continue to look for ways to create an outstanding experience for swimmers, coaches, officials, and thousands of families. As we move into 2024, watch for updates that will help you plan for the new year. We want the NVSL to continue to set the standard for summer league swim and dive.

    We'll see Team Reps at the End of Season meeting on Sunday, September 24 at 6p at the Mason District Government Center.

    Have a great "off-season" and look forward to another great NVSL summer in 2024!

    Best regards,

    Chris Campbell

    NVSL President


  • Information for Individual All Star Meet

    Thu, 7-27-2023 | NVSL

    We look forward to closing out an incredible 2023 NVSL swim season on Saturday with the Individual All Star Meet hosted by Orange Hunt Swim and Tennis Club. To prepare for the last couple days of the season, please review the information below.


    Pool Familiarization will take place at Orange Hunt on Friday from 7:30 to 10:30am. Please come by, take a look, pick up your team order, pay for your happy ads, say hi but once again, there will be no swimming in the pool. It's very helpful to get these team orders paid for and picked up prior to the meet on Saturday, thank you in advance for sending someone from your team. 


    Team areas may NOT be set up in the Orange Hunt (OH) Pool parking lot EARLIER THAN 7 AM Saturday morning. Tents and set up crews can be dropped off at the designated “Swimmer Drop-off Area” on Reynard Drive and Bridle Wood Drive which will provide access to the OH Pool property.  Due to the limited space in the Team Area, we ask all teams to bring one 10 ft x 10 ft tent per 8 swimmers. For teams with 3 or less swimmers, they can use the “Single Swimmer Area.” It is highly encouraged for all teams and swimmers to bring chairs, blankets, etc.

    Additionally, the NVSL is assigning team areas for Division 1 pools and those teams with the most participants to avoid the rush of choosing a spot and setting up tents.


    Viewing is single-event only; it is asked that once your swimmer completed their race, you exit the pool area to allow other families the same opportunity. There is additional standing room only viewing on the far side of the pool. Chairs are not allowed inside the pool fence.

    Thank you for your help in making this a smooth meet.


    July is gearing up to deliver its best (worst?!) weather on Saturday with temps in the high 80s and over 90 degrees for much of the meet. NVSL and OH are planning accordingly and we encourage you to do the same. There will be an ample supply of cold waters and cold washcloths for all meet volunteers, with volunteers circulating regularly to distribute. OH will have plenty of cold drinks for sale at concessions (credit card payments available but cash is encouraged). First aid has already briefed and is preparing to address heat-related illnesses. Here's how you can help on Saturday:

    -- Hydrate early! Get in your 8 glasses of water starting on Thursday and continue through Saturday. Get plenty of rest on Thurs and Fri.

    -- Please bring a tarp in addition to a tent for your team area.

    -- When setting up your team area, please obey the outline and requests from marshals. It is important to keep walkways open and a lane clear for emergency vehicles.

    -- Please make sure swimmers have shoes to wear to clerk of course (and claim at the end of their race).

    -- Bring coolers with ice, drinks and cooling towels for swimmers, coaches and attendees. Wear a hat and sun-protective clothing.

    -- Please ask vulnerable family members to remain at home. Record the race and share the excitement from the comfort of air conditioning later in the day.


    NVSL will not be offering a live stream for Saturday's Individual All Star meet. We apologize for the inconvenience. Given connectivity and equipment challenges, we will not pursue a live stream that will likely experience significant issues on Saturday. Thank you for your understanding. Results will be posted on Meet Mobile and on the NVSL website at the conclusion of the meet.


    Thank you to the many teams across the league who are supplying volunteers and items necessary to run the meet. The NVSL and Orange Hunt thank you for your contributions. Volunteers will receive a separate communication with additional details.


    We cannot host the All Star meets without a host pool. Orange Hunt stepped up to host Individual All Stars last year with support from Highlands and Donaldson Run in 2022 and Cottontail in 2023. Help us show them our appreciation for their efforts by complying with all instructions for the meet and being extremely gracious guests. 

    Chris Campbell and Amy Downey
    NVSL President and NVSL VP, Swimming

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