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Coach Wanted
Team Donaldson Run
Job Title Assistant Head Swim Coach - 2024 Season and beyond
Job Description

The Donaldson Run Recreation Association (DRRA) swim team is looking to hire an Assistant Head Coach for the Summer 2024 season and beyond.

Our swim team currently competes in Division 1, having moved up within NVSL over the years. Our pool is located in a beautiful setting within the residential neighborhoods of North Arlington.  Pool membership, and participation on the swim team, is strictly limited to households within certain geographical boundaries, per DRRA bylaws.

In recent years, the total team roster has exceeded 300 swimmers each summer. The swim team consists of three groups for swimmers depending on their ability: Thundersquad Prep (TSP), Thundersquad (TS), and Thunderbolts (TB). TSP swimmers are the team-in-training, typically 5-6 years old who are learning swim basics. TS swimmers are the junior team, typically 5-8 years old who can swim the length of the pool unassisted but are still learning strokes. TB swimmers are the main team, who know freestyle and backstroke and can swim laps consistently for 30 minutes.

We are looking for an Assistant Head Coach with the following experience, abilities, and interests:

- Work under the direction of the Head Coach.
- Work with the Swim Team Representatives.
- Provide team administrative support and coordination with the pool staff.
- Help to oversee a staff of 15-18 Junior Coaches.
- Provide instructional support for younger swimmers and oversight for their programs (TSP and TS) and coaches.
- Provide instruction including stroke development and conditioning, across all age groups as needed.
- Help continue, encourage, and build upon the team’s strong tradition of team spirit.
- Provide coordination and oversight for team social events, with significant implementation support from parent volunteers.
- Participate in all swim team events, including practices, meets, and social events.
- Have experience at either NVSL (preferred), other league, club, middle or high school levels. Prior experience is required.
- Maintain or obtain all certification required by DRRA, including CPR/First Aid, Lifeguarding, and SafeSport.

Practice begins in mid-May and continues through mid-July, with practices continuing for Divisional and All-Star swimmers through late July. Prior to Arlington Public Schools’ (APS) summer break beginning in mid-June, practices start at 3:30pm and are staggered by age group. After APS is out for the summer, practices for all groups are Monday through Friday, approximately from 7:30am to 11:30am. We participate in Saturday morning and Monday evening meets beginning in late June, along with various other events (Time Trials, Relay events, etc.) during the season.

There are additional income-earning opportunities for coaches, such as private coaching, learn-to-swim clinics, and stroke clinics.

Please submit your interest, including your resume and salary expectations, to Dan Maloney at