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  • IAS Host Announcement

    Fri, 5-13-2022 | Jen Sayasithsena

    After considerable outreach to all NVSL teams to find a host for our meet, the NVSL is pleased to announce that Orange Hunt has answered the call and agreed to host the NVSL Individual All-Star meet this year and in 2023!  Thanks so much to Allison and Laurie at OH for their interest and energy to make this happen.  All the swimmers and families of the NVSL appreciate you!  We are thrilled to add you as our All-Star host along with Hamlet, our host for All-Star Relays this summer.


    A big part of making this possible is the supportive offers from several teams to provide planning, organization, and VOLUNTEERS for the meet.  Without this support, Orange Hunt and the other teams that “raised their hand” to be considered would not have done so.  The power of a large volunteer corps makes it easier for potential hosts to seriously consider and say yes to providing their facility, and the league believes this is the way that future All-Star meets will be successful.  Special shout-out goes to Donaldson Run and Highlands for their joint offer to plan, organize, and run concessions at our host pool!


    As in the past, we will be reaching out to all our divisions and teams as we plan for both our All-Star meets (Relays – Wednesday, July 13th and Individual – Saturday, July 30th) to provide help with officiating, timing, marshaling, etc.  We are sure Hamlet will appreciate the volunteer support as well!


    See you on deck soon!



  • Officials Certification - FAQs

    Tue, 5-10-2022 | Jen Sayasithsena

    Please refer to the answers to FAQs about officials clinics and the certification process.

    1) Do the Hy-tek workers, table workers, head clerk of course, chief timer and announcer need to attend a clinic to get certified?  


    There are no certification requirements for these positions. We are offering these clinics based on several requests from team reps and other volunteers. They are optional, but very useful.


    (2) How often must stroke and turn judges and referees/starters certify?


    Referees, Starters and Stroke and Turn judges must attend a clinic every two years. While not required, we highly recommend annual clinic attendance. This is especially beneficial for those who do not officiate during the winter months. If you became an official last summer and attended a virtual clinic, we strongly advise attending an in-person clinic this year.

    (3) As a returning referee what clinics MUST I attend?  

    To stay current as a referee you MUST, in the current or previous year, attend BOTH a Ref/Starter Recertification Clinic AND a Stroke & Turn Clinic (or be a current USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Judge).


    (4) I am a USA Swimming-certified official. Do I have to certify through the NVSL?


    Stroke and Turn Judges

    In lieu of the NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic, current certification as a USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Judge may be substituted. High School clinics will not count. Attendance at a Stroke & Turn clinic every other year is required by the NVSL. Certified USA Swimming Stroke & Turn Judges who wish to substitute their USA Swimming certification for attendance at an NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic should notify their Team Representative and the Clinic Attendance Recorder. 



    In lieu of attending the NVSL Starter Clinic, current certification as a USA Swimming Starter may be substituted. High School clinics will not count. Certified USA Swimming Starters who wish to substitute their USA Swimming certification for attendance at an NVSL Starter Clinic should notifytheirTeamRepresentativeandtheClinicAttendanceRecorder.



    The New Referee Clinic will NOT meet the requirement for Returning Referee qualification. There is NO Reciprocity with USA Swimming for NVSL Referees. All NVSL Referees must be a Current Stroke & Turn Judge and must attend either i) the NVSL New Referee and New Starter Clinics, or ii) the NVSL Referee-Starter Clinic.


    ** Please see the Officials Qualification Procedures document for details: https://mynvsl.com/file/30675/Officials_Qualification_Procedures_adopted_Aug_2018_pdf


    (5) How do USA Swimming Officials share their Stroke and Turn and Starter certifications with the League?


    Please email a copy of the official's Deck Pass to Michelle Hale michelle.hale.swim@gmail.com


    (6) How long do clinics typically last?


    NVSL Officials’ Clinics Last about two hours. Those arriving more than 10 minutes late or leaving early will NOT receive credit for attendance.


    (7) Additional Questions?


    Please reach out to NVSLOfficials@gmail.com.

  • 2022 Officials Clinic Schedule

    Tue, 5-10-2022 | Jen Sayasithsena

    We are happy to announce the 2022 Officials Clinic Schedule. Most clinics will be in person this year. You do not need to pre-register for the in-person clinics. Please review the clinic attendance data for your team to determine whether you need to certify this year. https://mynvsl.com/file/35005/NVSL_Attendance_Data_for_2021_pdf
    In order to attend the virtual recertification clinics, you must be certified in the position for a minimum of 5 years and registration is required. To register: Virtual Officials Clinic Registration
    Please note that we are working on confirming locations for the Hy-Tek, table workers, clerk of course, chief timer and announcer clinics. More details to follow.

    Wednesday, May 25th - 7PM

    • Referee/Starter Recertification @ Overlee
    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinics @ Sideburn Run


    Saturday, June 4th (NVSLU @ Fairfax County Government Center)

    • Referee/Starter Recertification (8AM)
    • New Starter (10AM)
    • New Referee (10AM)


    Wednesday, June 8th - 7PM (VIRTUAL)

    • Stroke and Turn Recertification
    • Referee/Starter Recertification


    Sunday, June 12th - 9:30AM

    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Brookfield
    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Hunt Valley
    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Holmes Run


    Sunday, June 12th 9:30AM

    • New Referee @ Long Branch
    • New Starter @ Long Branch


    Tuesday, June 14th (VIRTUAL)

    • Referee/Starter Recertification (7PM)

    Wednesday, June 15th – 7PM

    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinics @ Stratford
    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinics @ Vienna Woods


  • NVSL 2022 Season Division Lineup

    Sun, 3-20-2022 | Nancy Jessen

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