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  • NVSL Season Announcement

    Thu, 5-7-2020 | Nancy Jessen

    Dear NVSL Swimmers, Divers, Families, Volunteers and Sponsors,

    Planning for the 2020 season began even as the 2019 season came to a close. We eagerly looked forward to commemorating our 65th anniversary as a league of more than 17,000 incredible swimmers and divers. As we know, the spread of the COVID-19 virus resulted in significant changes in our plans and daily lives. Despite our best efforts to gather as much information about the implications of COVID-19 to confidently hold a potential season, we have reached the difficult decision that the 2020 season must be canceled. We feel profound sadness knowing the disappointment this will cause, but the decision was made to prioritize the safety of our participants, supporters, and communities.

    Over the last eight weeks, both the Executive Board and the full League Board met more than a dozen times to monitor the ongoing developments related to COVID-19. We gathered input from public health officials, as well as elected and appointed representatives from all levels of government. Most importantly, we sought input from all 102 teams through the 17 Division Coordinators. The common thread in the feedback, along with the disappointment of missing a special summer tradition, was the commitment to health and safety. The Board greatly appreciates the constructive conversations that advanced the discussion on the status of the 2020 season. We took into account as much information as we could to determine whether the League could operate in a safe and healthy way that did not put overwhelming logistical and organizational pressure on the League’s teams. 

    We expect that teams will have many questions, and we will work quickly to answer where possible. At this moment, we can assure you of the following:

    -       Senior swimmers and divers will have the opportunity to apply for 2020 NVSL scholarships.

    -       Team dues will be fully refunded.

    We are looking ahead and already planning how to make the 2021 season the best one yet.


    The NVSL Executive Board

  • Coronavirus and Your Swim Team – Rallying Together Through Uncertain Times

    Thu, 4-9-2020 | Posted by Nancy Jessen, Written by Elli Overton

    Coronavirus and Your Swim Team

    Swim teams are a central part of many neighborhoods, connecting a large cross section of families throughout the community. This puts swim teams in a unique position to offer encouragement and hope to families who may be stressed by the uncertainty and isolation of COVID-19. 

    Swim teams are used to rallying people together (the above photo is a great example), but obviously you can’t rally your people that way right now! During this difficult time we encourage you to use some of the resources provided by your SwimTopia website to mobilize and connect your communities.

    Be a Conduit for Communication in Your Communities

    Summer swim team has always been all about fun times with friends, community bonds, and traditions. Even during this time of “social distancing” and isolation, your team can come up with creative ways to maintain those bonds with “virtual” social time. 

    Read More

  • Rally around an NVSL Swim/Dive family!

    Wed, 4-8-2020 | Nancy Jessen

    Dear NVSL Family,

    One of our families, who swim at Sully Station 2 and dive at Sideburn Run, lost their house and belongings to a fire late Saturday night. They are starting to pick up the pieces, but it is especially difficult in the midst of the COVID crisis. 

    Chris Campbell, one of our NVSL Directors and also co-Team Rep for Sully Station 2, is close to them and passed on the following information. 

    The Stalforts send their appreciation for all of the expressions of kindness and support from the entire community.  While the days ahead will be challenging, the love and care shown by friends, neighbors, and teammates has been amazing and gives them strength! 

    While the parents and the kids sort through the next steps, we have discussed with them the best ways to provide support. A GoFundMe site for donations has been created and welcome you to share in the community and with anyone you think may be interested. 

    It was touching as a swim parent to read this story Chris passed along as well...

    "while helping the Stalforts out by going through their devastated house, two of their three girls asked to see if we could find their swim/dive medals in the mess.  We found a couple Divisionals medals for one and an NVSL All-Star medal and VHSL State Dive medal for another.  Of all the stuff that they could have asked for hours after their house was destroyed, these items came to mind first (and a stuffed animal!).  The request (and the success of the resulting search) was certainly not lost on this guy…"

    Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers, and help for one of our NVSL community families, the Stalforts.

  • COVID-19

    Fri, 3-20-2020 | Nancy Jessen

    While all of us navigate life under the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our League has received a number of inquiries about the upcoming NVSL swim and dive season.   We kindly request that you allow us time to make an informed determination as we explore various scenarios, which may result in a cancelled season, an abbreviated season, a delayed season or a full season as scheduled.

    We are closely monitoring everything that we can, including federal, state and local government guidance and prohibitions, other swim leagues and organization guidance, local and non-local, and our member pool decisions. We have always stressed safety in the NVSL, and our priority will continue to be the health and safety of those involved in our community.

    We wish you the very best and hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

    - The NVSL Executive Board

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