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    Tue, 4-10-2018 | Kelly Parry

                                See available POSITIONS.

  • Coaching Clinics

    Sun, 4-1-2018 | Nancy Jessen

    Happy Spring! Hope all is going well with your preseason preparations!

    We are excited to offer two dates for the NVSL Coaching Clinics this year. Team coaches are encouraged to sign up by emailing nvslcoachclinic@gmail.com. Include coach’s name, team, age group(s) coaching, prior years coaching experience and the date of the clinic. These clinics are open to jr. coaches as well as seasoned coaches.   

    Saturday May 19, 8am – noon @ Shouse Village  or  Sunday June 17, 8am – noon @ Lee Graham

    More info in COACHING CLINIC SIGN UP . 
    If you have any questions, email nvslcoachclinic@gmail.com.

  • Streamlines - NVSL News 3/12/18

    Mon, 3-12-2018 | Kelly Parry

    Welcome to the 63rd season of the NVSL.

    Our WEBSITE – myNVSL.com:  User ID and password requests (Team Reps only) for the website should be sent to askNVSL@gmail.com or Joe Mattis at jtmattis@cox.net.  “What secrets are opened with a password?” you might be asking.  Well, myNVSL.com offers Team Reps the ability to create a team website (announcements, calendar, documents, contacts, etc.) within the League’s website.  The more common use of a myNVSL account is to download 2017 results (CL2 files) at the start of the season to get some intel on the new teams within your division.
    Review the "Join a 2018 NVSL Pool" document.  Email any updates or edits.

    We will continue to have the Officials’ Attendance Information online and it will be updated accordingly.  Questions regarding attendance should be directed to Dave DiNardo at 301-520-6209 or dave.dinardo@gmail.com

    COACHING ADS:  Send the ad (Word format) that you want posted under the "COACHES" tab to askNVSL@gmail.com and it will be added.  If you have already posted an ad and the job position has been filled, please send a message so that it can removed.

    TWITTER:  Follow us @swimNVSL

  • The rule change proposal votes are in.

    Tue, 2-27-2018 | Kelly Parry

    (Yes-No-Abstain) % in favor
     - YES on medals for Divisionals instead of plaques. (72-30-0) 70.6%
     - NO on False Start modification (50-41-11) 54.9%
     - YES on using best time ladders to seed divisionals instead of A-meet times only (70-31-1) 69.3%
     - NO on changing the dual meet 13/14 100 meter relay to a 200 (56-42-4) 57.1%
     - YES on a deadline to submit a record timecard to the records chair (90-12-0) 88.2%

    Remember: Adopting a new rule requires a two-thirds (66.7%) favorable vote of the Team Reps present and voting.  The submitted Rule Change Proposals can be found here.

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